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Here you will be able to see kittens that are available from Hollygram.  We normally have all colours and patterens at various times throughout the year.  


All our kittens are reared in the family home where they are at ease with everyday living such as noise, T.V, dogs and children.


The diagram below shows the traditional patterns of Ragdolls.

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Please E-mail or call 0141 952 3828 for available kittens




The kittens above are available from Hollygram. 




Mitted & Colourpoint

Boys & Girls.  



All kittens are G.C.C.F registered, this entails myself naming the kittens and giving them my personal prefix HOLLYGRAM.  It took a few months to decide on this but it seemed a perfect choice as it is made up of my childrens names, Holly and Graham.

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Please email via the Contact Us link




Call on 0141 952 3828


The diagram to the left shows the patterens and marking you can get in a traditional ragdoll.  


The two main colours are seal(brown) and blue(greyish blue).  You can get red, cream, tabby(lynx) and tortie coloured Ragdolls and all Ragdolls have blue eyes.   


I did have a tabby years ago, Moses, but I have went back to the traditional colours and patterns as I feel this shows the true beauty Ragdolls have to offer.