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In 2009/2010, Hollygram Ragdolls where approched and asked if we where able to provide a cat for a short movie production staring Peter Mullan.  


We chose Dolly as the perfect candidate as she was very true to the bahaviour and look of a Ragdoll & she preformed well and as you can see was a hit with Peter himself.  I think Dolly recieved more attention that the cast that day.  

As we have mentioned previous, all our kittens are reared around our other pets and this is evident in the pictiures below.  Zura, sitting in front of the mirror is my biggest dog and my softest.  She is a German Shephard x Alaskan Malamute, you can see a kitten in the reflection of the mirrior and Zura isnt even batting an eye-lid at it.  


Lyra, our youngest dog is an Afghan Hound and she overly loves the kittens and would play with them all day and I think she doesnt quite understand how much bigger she is, but its fun and games watching them play. 

When our girls are pregnant and about to give birth, all a breeder/owner hopes for is that the birth is easy and managable for the mum, you think, 5/6 kittens is a nice number for a Dam to feed and rear.  So when we had 2 girls birthing at the same time, it was lovely to see them birthing their 1st, 2nd 3rd kitten with ease and confidence.  But when we look at the girls, we realise that they still look a bit full, and we are now on our 6th kitten and the girls are still pushing and a 7th appears, shock is an understatement both ladys with 7 kittens each, surley they are done...


I start to change their bed, giving them a clean fresh bed for them to cuddle in with their new litter and nope, each girl pushes out one more kitten each.  This then kick starts the 'maternity ward protocal', as my daughter calls it. 


2 hourly night feeds for 16 kittens and ensuring mums are healthy and getting their daily nutrients as they are nursing 8 kittens each.  Although litters this size is a lovely sight, it is a very stressful time as a breeder as you want to ensure no kitten is pushed out and doesnt get the feed its due so taking some pressure off of mum, I commit myself to feeds every 2 hours 24/7. 

I was very fortunate that all kittens survived and its at times like this that I know all my efforts are worth while.  It certainly was a full fun house for a few months weaning and socialising these little cherubs.